Hire a Hacker to change your grades on Blackboard


Blackboard is an online application that instructors, teachers, and students use to deliver and examine assignments, manage courses, and exchange documents. In keeping with their website, they presently serve over 16,000 schools and universities across 90 international locations attaining 100 million users.

What did these guys do?
Eirik Fosse, Sonder Hedland, and Michael McMillan did find three vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities help us to hijack our college database and alter our grades.

DO THEY STILL WORK? No. After spotting the vulnerabilities, they reported to Blackboard and the NTU protection Operation safety on the 9th of February 2019. They…

Hacking a cell phone without physically touching it could be a daunting task, but it is possible. There are some ways to hack a cell phone remotely. When successful, a hacker can access various hacked features, including monitoring call and message logs, viewing activities, recording keystrokes, access to accounts, and even taking over control of the phone. Check out some remote cell phone hacking methods below.

Credential Phishing

Today, people are using a smartphone that links or synchronizes to their emails. At this point, gaining credentials would give you full access to their device. Hackers can use phishing to extract credentials by…

What a Hacker Can Do to Your Computer

You may wonder what a hacker can do to your computers after successfully hacking your computers and networks. Yes, hackers can do horrible things once they access your computers. On the other hand, there are different ways for a hacker to access your personal computers or laptop. Either way, hackers can do pretty much everything with your devices, and these are just some of them:

Take Over Your Computer and Devices

Today’s hackers are very advanced in techniques and tools to target vulnerable computers worldwide as it’s connected to the internet. Computers with no firewall or not-updated security…

Early Signs of a Romance Scam

Every year, many individuals looking for love and companionship end up with only a messed-up heart and an unfilled wallet because of internet dating scams. While web-based dating and web-based media locales have become progressively mainstream devices to discover love and companionship, they’ve sadly likewise become famous devices for fraudsters known as sentiment tricksters. These cheats make bogus profiles to draw in casualties, set up sentimental connections, and ultimately, coerce cash. Here are some early signs of a romance scam to look out for.

As per the Better Business Bureau, casualties in the U.S. also, Canada have detailed losing more…

Can’t log in to your Hotmail account? Did your Hotmail account get blocked suddenly, or are you frequently experiencing suspicious activities on your accounts? There is a high possibility that someone is hacking your Hotmail account. Hotmail was one of the most popular email services that many people still have their accounts active for diverse purposes. Since Microsoft has acquired Hotmail, the solutions would be alike with its solutions for all its hacked email accounts.

Respond To Alerts Instantly

From whatever device you’re syncing, you should respond to email alerts instantly. Microsoft would send you an alert whenever someone is accessing or trying to…

Whenever you are suspicious of hacking activities on your cell phone, or Instagram account, you may immediately think, “I need to rent a hacker. “ Yes, it’s a stressful experience when you realize that your phone or your social media account is being hacked and misused. The Idea of renting Phone hackers near me is legit if you know what you need and where to go. Before you rent a hacker, you should ensure that they can cater to your needs and preferences.

Here’s what you can rent a hacker for :

Cell Phone Hack

Cell phone hacking is the common reason why…

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Ethical hacking has become an acceptable approach to assess a company’s system or network’s cybersecurity status. It’s a non-malicious and legitimate hacking activity to reveal the IT system’s actual and potential vulnerabilities. Before answering the topic question, you need to know what ethical hacking is first.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is a white hat hacking activities run following a set of ethical standards instead of the black hat or malicious hacking attacks performed by cybercriminals. Yes, there are two types of hackers commonly recognized on the Internet. Even though ethical hacking mimics the black hat’s techniques, it’s not a crime because it…

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Recently, social media hacking is a trendy action where hackers with malicious intent steal someone’s important information. Professional hackers use malware that will scrap all-important details from your social media like login details and more.

After acquiring your account information, some hackers use the hacked account to impersonate the initial account owners. There’s no reason you to keep wondering or searching for questions like it is possible to hack social media because hacking of social media accounts by professional hackers is possible.

However, when it comes to the dangers associated with social media hacking. Account owners are liable to lose…

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